Beeke Muhlack

Welcome to my website!

Since October 2023, I am an instructor for Phonetics at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany at the institute for Empirical Linguistics headed by Prof. Dr. Gerd Carling. This semester I am teaching a class on the anatomy of speaking, another on language documentation and description and an exercise on Praat scripting. Find out more about my teaching here.

I am also a PhD student in the Phonetics and Phonology group (head: Prof. Dr. Bernd Möbius) in the Language Science and Technology department at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. I started working in the PINTS project in May 2020. My research project focuses on filler particles in German as well as other languages and is supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernd Möbius and Dr. Jürgen Trouvain.